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My Block / Couch Surfer Update


I don’t typically write much on her regarding my work. Mostly all of it is hidden in cryptic messages on post its and shoved somewhere on my desk. I guess I’ll share today a little bit about what I’m working on as of lately. I have two projects that I’ve been maintaining and slowly working on(though it’s picking up the pace now!) since graduation. One is a project I started on couch surfing. If you are familiar with the site you can find me here and maybe stay on my couch.( I can’t make any promises though we get a lot of requests and it can sometimes get very difficult to have more than the usual five living in the house and usually someones significant other is there as well! ) The other project I am doing is on my neighborhood, which is in Washington D.C. I’ve been photographing local residents and also trying to photograph people “I don’t introduce myself to first” which is a little hard seeing as I have no have auto focus and carrying around a strange looking camera. Anyways, what gets me about this neighborhood is that regardless of the crime – there have been multiple shootings this past month and in the past, there is a real sense of community and security. The influx of money and real estate development coming into the area though is causing me great pains, sure places like Dupont Circle are nice too but I really would not want to live there, and I wouldn’t want to deal with someone having a problem with my constant porch sitting or my rent being raised any higher than it is. I also don’t like typing on a computer, it feels too artificial. So enjoy the pictures and expect me not to really say anything about them for a long time.



This last one is of a supermarket back in Boston during the black(developing old film) the others DC and Maryland. 3 more rolls to process and 5 more rolls in the mail. Down for shooting film only until I get a myself a video camera then it’s game time.