documentary photography




New York City-Brooklyn


Did not get to shoot as much as I would have liked but here are some images.




This last one is of a supermarket back in Boston during the black(developing old film) the others DC and Maryland. 3 more rolls to process and 5 more rolls in the mail. Down for shooting film only until I get a myself a video camera then it’s game time.

New York Avenue

Starting to work on a project about my neighborhood, I really love the area and think it has a lot of character , so shooting on the fourth of July should be interesting. Two rolls of film didn’t turn out but here’s a preview of some horrible scans. I am almost done my website and have a ton of 6×6 images I will eventually put up on here.

Gaithersburg Maryland

Lisette  now 25, was 15 when she had her first child, Gina. Shortly after she had Jeremy who was born with Williams–Beuren syndrome a rare neuro-developmental disorder. I had the pleasure of photographing them today for a non-profit that works to protect women’s rights. I’ll make sure to link to the article once it is completed. Enjoy some of my favorite photos from today though.


My thesis opening is this Saturday at The Corcoran Gallery of Art you should come

here’s a sneak peek of one of my nine pieces. It looks strange because it’s a picture of a picture