documentary photography


I had a conversation with my mother about what I was like when I was 12 and she reminded me of those horrid Penndel Wildcats days. I had totally erased that part of my adolescence from memory.(Thesis has made me remember a little) I don’t think I admitted that I joined some cheerleading squad team ever again after that day I quit. My mom seems to think I joined because all my friends were doing it,a part of me thinks it was because of a boy. I always did dumb things because I had fat kindergarten crushes on boys. One of my pages in my Pocahontas journal when I was little said I kissed Danny today. It was this Italian kid that was in my kindergarten class. We hid in those tiny cubbies where you shove your shoes, behind the tiny kitchen.  I was horrible at writing so when my older sister found that book she read it as “I kissed daddy today”, she along with Leslie thought it was “soo cute” I never corrected her.


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