documentary photography

Tel Aviv couch surfing/living fo free on yer futon.

Camera is still in the shop have a couple rolls of film to develop. I go back to  Jerusalem on Monday. Tel Aviv is nice but a little too LAX party all day type crap. I can’t sit on the beach forever so I’m heading back to reality or some weird strange sinister version of it. Plus I really need to get my digital camera back, shooting with film has been somewhat of a hassle. These pictures were taken with Yoram’s iphone (the kid whose couch i’m crashing on)

Washington Street in Tel Aviv a tiny street that was super difficult to find in the beginning but I’m taking the bus and finding my way around like a champ.

It’s useless to have a dryer in this heat. Laundry bob marley pants to be specific drying in the heat. Hippie town? Totally.

Digging for gold, or goldstar bottles. 1.2 nis for glass bottles, specific ones.

and I’m still alive!


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