documentary photography

Claire is in Tel Aviv

Above is a picture , and probably the only picture I am going to share from Masada. I’ll post some later from the dead sea. Rocks just bore me , photos were really only taken from my dad. Masada was beautiful though we hiked this huge fortress  when the sun wasn’t completely  risen and it took about forty minutes. Eventhough we got to the top panting and heavily sweating one look from the edge and you knew why you did it. Afterwards we went to the Dead Sea or Sea Salt as it’s called here. Which was refreshing but burns the hell out of any scratches you have. Ouch.  My camera should be fixed soon so i’ll be updating more. Apparently I take too many pictures and the shutter decided to stop working- worse thing that could happen on vacation let me tell you. All my pictures after Masada of the settlement(Bat Ayin)  Yafo and Tel Aviv were taken with my Hasselblad- and I didn’t take too many because film is pricey. Oh well though it was a little vacation from the constant shooting. I would love to share my film pictures but I don’t have access to a negative scanner here in Tel Aviv. Los sientos, Anyways in Tel Aviv now in the neighborhood of Florentine – right down the street from Docuclub (how convenient) previous to this I was in central Tel Aviv on Ben Yehuda street – two blocks from the beach, and then after I was in outskirts kind of suburbs of Tel Aviv. Couch surfing has been really good to met so far , though I haven’t really found these people through the website.   If i do decided to try it through the website and not through friends of friends of friends or whatever we’ll see what happens.


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